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How to Pack a Wet Swimsuit for your Beach Trip

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Summer is about to leave and planning a trip to the beach is surely on everyone’s minds. The ocean waves call out to the swimmer in you and it is downright  impertinent to not let that call go unanswered. Unsurprisingly, most of us would not think twice about packing for the trip compared to the meticulous planning that goes into the trip itself.

We worked out just what you need and how to pack a wet swimsuit for the beach. The essential swimwear checklist would include not just swimwear and towels but the accessories that go along with the swimwear, as well as the baggage that matches your holiday destination. Let’s get to it.


Organize for more room

It is always wiser to overpack and have extra outfits and accessories than to pack light and realize too late that you forgot to pick up the towel from the drying rack. Even a short trip to the pool carries the same rule. But this does not translate to lugging along heavy suitcases chock full of your favourite swimsuit - of course, all swimsuits are favourite swimsuits, so the whole wardrobe comes along. 

wet bags

Remember, the golden number is three: a swimsuit for the actual swim, another if you plan to go into the water again, and one more swimsuit in case the other two don’t appeal to the vibe of the beach. LYRA Burkini Swimsuits are crafted to dry up in a jiffy as you come out of the water, so you don’t have to worry about drying a soggy swimsuit before heading home. A range of LYRA swimwear accessories can be a great addition to the swim gear, and you can try mixing and matching them to suit your mood!


Wet Bag for your Swimwear

While we don’t always plan out our beach trips with enough time to dry out the swimsuits before heading home, it is not a good idea to leave the wet swimsuit bunched up with the rest of the luggage till the next vacation. At the least, a plastic bag would suffice to keep this problem at bay. LYRA offers a much more stylish option to organise your swimsuit before and after you take a dip in the water. 


Classic Wet Bag

Lightweight and simple are the essentials for a wet bag. Because you don’t want to be carrying a rucksack just for your swimsuits, the Taupe Wet Bag made of natural woven cotton fabric is perfect for a casual outing. The water-resistant polyester lining keeps your swimsuit safe and secure when dry while also keeping the rest of your clothes and even the bag from getting wet. 


The Urbane Look

A swimsuit wet bag does not have to be entirely spartan in appearance either. Try the Beige Tan Panel Wet Bag from LYRA. With a contrast tan faux leather base panel accentuating the beige body, this wet bag is too perfect not to show off. The wet bag doubles as a clutch, so if you’re going on a long vacation, you can stuff the bag into a handbag for a comfortable carry.


Caring for your Swimwear 

Proper maintenance of your swimsuit is as important before using them as much as after use. The fact that LYRA swimsuits are made from the most durable Italian fabric makes caring for them an extremely easy task. Chlorine and sand are equally ineffective against the swimsuits so you can quell your worries. 


However, as invincible as your LYRA swimsuits are, do make sure to unpack your wet swimsuits from the wet bag to prevent any moisture build-up. Rinse in cold water to clean out the fabric before leaving it out to dry.


Creativity and imagination are key to organising your swimwear for a quick dip in the pool or a long vacation by the seaside. Equipped with the handy tips and some practice, you too can make the most out of organising your beach trip. And if you wish to explore morse swimwear styles that are made just for you, look no further. Shop LYRA’s latest swimwear styles today and get set for the holidays with an amazing swimsuit and a new style



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